Useful  articles

 These articles below were taken from a now defunk website  By Neil McGrath

To read the PDF files you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Click here for the free download.

What happens when I wiggle the sticks: This article explains how all the electronic items that make up our radio control systems operate. It also provides advice on selecting the most suitable equipment. This is the longest of all the articles and may take a short while to download (PDF).

Article - Micro Hydros Mega Fun: This article about small fast electric boats was originally published in the Spring 2002 edition of Propwash (The UK Model Powerboat Association) newsletter (PDF).

Batteries in series: Advice on connecting batteries in series (PDF).

Batteries in parallel: Advice on connecting batteries in parallel (PDF).

Motors in series: Advice on connecting motors in series (PDF).

Motors in parallel: Advice on connecting motors in parallel (PDF)..

Circuit idea - Battery Discharger: Here is a simple way to make a fast discharger with automatic cut-off for your battery packs (PDF).

The Mk2 battery discharger: Further development of the original circuit idea (PDF).

Wiring your boat: Advice on how to wire your boat for maximum reliability and efficiency (HTML).

Make your own BEC: How to build your own battery eliminator circuit (HTML).

Motor suppression capacitors: How to add suppression capacitors to your motor (PDF).

Kit review - the Model Electronics Company ESC kit: A review of this handy speed control kit - Ideal for the smaller boat (PDF).

Make a battery balancer: A simple project to help you get the best out of your cells (PDF).

Battery Balancer MKII: This uses the same technique as the original balancer but has an improved method of battery connection (PDF).

Tune up your modified motor: How to set the timing (PDF).

Motor alignment: How to reduce the friction in your drive train (PDF).

Using 4mm connectors: Tips on using these low loss connectors (PDF).

Transmitter modification - Adjustable servo movement: Adjust your servo throws from your transmitter (PDF).

Dead boat retrieval: Here is a simple method of getting your boat back when it dies in the middle of the lake (PDF).

Using a PC power supply as a power source: Modify a PC PSU to use as a workshop DC power source (PDF).

  Build a prop balancer: Build a simple prop balancer from bits that most of us have lying around the workshop (HTML).