Grays Thurrock Model Boat Club Rules From January 2020

Please read carefully as club rules have been amended 


1.1 Use of other Persons Equipment. No member shall operate another personís equipment without the ownerís permission.

1.1 Please bear in mind that because of the terrain of the lake and sloping banks fast models and hovercraft etc can easily come out of the water so extra care must be taken when using them.

1.2 Models not allowed on the lake . No Seaplanes, Flying Boats,  and Internal combustion powered models, or HIGH SPEED POWER BOATS .This in conjunction with the parks health and safety rules and must be adhered to. Fast scale Boats Must keep to the right hand side of the lake at all times for the safety of other members and wild life, 


2.1 As many members now use 2.4GHz Radios there will be no peg board present at the lake  members not using 2.4GHz must converse with the Officer of the day to ensure the frequency is free .


3.1 Members must ensure that no Litter is left behind after club meetings. 

3.2 every effort shall be made to maintain good relations with the rangers and staff of Belhus woods Country park

3.3 When driving through the woods to the lake and back Hazard lights must be on and priority to pedestrians must be given, Keep to the approach road and NOT on the GRASS (except by the lake) A maximum of 5 MPH must be adhered too if any complaints with regards to non-compliance to these driving rules are proven the person concerned will have their vehicle pass revoked.

3.4 Every effort shall be made by all members of the club to act at all times with decorum and shall not bring the club into any form of disrepute.

3.5. In the event of BAD WEATHER prior to club meetings all members MUST PARK their cars on the pathway opposite the lake, if not sure Park on Path anyway.

3.6 A notice board will be present at the lake in good time to inform members of coming events.


4.1 The use of Club Members models shall be covered by third party insurance; this does not cover memberís boats for damage or loss, only third party personnel injury.


The committee has the power to amend or alter or change club rules if, any dispute the committees decision is final. 

5.1 We have a regatta officer whose job it is will be to design contest layouts and organize the contest on the day.

5.2 any member found contravening club rules will be asked to appear before the committee .


6.1 All Members will be issued with a Membership Card and Parking Permit.

Parking Permits must be displayed on the cars dashboard at all times when entering the Park and must correspond with the car being driven.

6.2 Belhus Woods Country Park do make a charge for car parking, Club members do not have to pay to enter the park to drive down to the lake,The Park Authorities have emphasized to us in no uncertain terms that parking in the main car park is for Boat Club business only (such as meetings etc.) And not to be used for any other reason such as taking dogs for walk. If this is the case you must pay for parking and any infringement will lead to the persons Boat Club Permit being revoked.


The sailing time for the club now is  every Sunday between 9.00 am and 4 pm only. marsh Type Air boats and hovercraft must not have their propellers exposed but completly contained in a wire or plastic frame.   

F/N. No one likes rules, after all itís a Hobby we are involved in but our type of club needs them to insure the safety of all its club members and the general public looking on, its said all rules are there to be broken, but just think without a lake to sail on thereís no Hobby










1.Name. The Club shall be known as the Grays Thurrock Model Boat Club.  

2.Aims. The aim of the club is to foster the building, owning, sailing and displaying model boats.  

3. Officers and Committee the officers shall consist of  Commodore: Vice-Commodore: Hon Secretary: Hon Treasurer: and Three committee members all of which shall be elected annually at a meeting held in November. The duties of the above officers are as follows. 

Commodore: Shall chair the meetings of the club and all committee meetings and will be responsible for authorising the convening of committee meetings as required.Vice-Commodore; Will understudy and deputise for the Commodore as requisite.

Hon Secretary: Shall conduct all correspondence in the name of the Club and will arrange an agenda for committee meetings in consultation with the Commodore and maintain a record of the minutes of all meetings, shall also maintain a record of membership in concert with the Hon Treasurer.


Hon Treasurer; Shall be responsible for controlling all financial receipts and disbursements in the name of the club and will also be responsible for dealing with club membership and receipt of subscriptions and the issue of  membership cards. He will submit an audited statement of accounts to the Annual General Meeting each year, such statement to be complete up to 5th September of that year. 

4. Meetings.


4.1.The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting on a suitable date in November each year. Members to receive not less than three weeks notice of the Meeting including the agenda for the meeting. The business of the meeting shall include A: Reports on activities for the past year.

B: Treasurer's Report and vote thereon including recommendation for subscription charges for the coming year. 

C: Consideration of, and voting on any proposals (motions) raised by the Committee or Members.

D: Election of officers and Committee Members for the coming year.

This to be conducted by the Rear Commodore in respect of the Chairman.


4.2.Motions proposed by members for consideration at the A.G.M. must be received in writing, by the Secretary at least SIX weeks prior to the A.G.M. or by the end of the second week in September to be included in the agenda. Only amendments to existing motions will be accepted at the A.G.M.not new motions. 

4.3.An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club may be called by the Committee or, at the request in writing of at least (Five or Twenty) which ever is the greater of the paid-up membership of the club, such request must state the reason for calling the meeting and notification of the meeting and reason for it must be given to all members TWENTY-ONE DAYS prior to the E.G.M. 

4.4.Only paid-up members of the club will be permitted to speak or vote at any general meeting of the club. 

5. Subscriptions 

5.1 The annual membership subscriptions for the club' will be as agreed at the Annual General Meeting. 

6. Membership

6.1 The Club is open to all adults of either sex on payment of the annual subscription. New members shall be required to complete an application for membership form and will be granted temporary membership for a period of three weeks to ensure mutual compatibility before acceptance for full membership during this period temporary members may not vote on any matter affecting the Club. 

6.2  Junior membership is not available to unaccompanied young people for reasons of insurance, However associate membership is extended to children of under 18 years and spouses of paid-up members. Such associate members will not have voting rights.

7. Affiliation 

7.1 The Club shall be affiliated to the Thurrock Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and other organisations as may be deemed necessary by the committee.  

8. Winding up of the Club


8.1 Should it be necessary to officially wind up the club, a special General Meeting shall be convened for that purpose at which a majority vote of members present in favour of the winding-up motion shall be required to give effect to the proposal, should this occur all debts of the club must be settled and all assets realised and any surplus funds shall not be returned to members but will be donated to the Local Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.