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Proposed changes to committee for 2024

Dave will step down as chairman and become normal committee member

Bob will become Club Chairman

Carole will become new Club secretary 

Les King will still be club treasurer 

 Peter Spinks reverting to normal  member

 Members Please Note

New rules for accessing the Lake other than on a Sunday morning .........If you wish to access the lake during the week you have to get permission from the park wardens and will have to pay the car parking fee even when driving down to the lake .  there must be at least 2 members present and a max of 6    We now only have official access for more than 6 Cars on Sunday Morning.

Club subs days 8th  January 2023 at the car park anyone not paid up by the end of the month may loose access to the lake as there is a waiting list for membership.

Club Fees For 2023 are 25 for new members and 20 for existing members.

Club Membership Fees must be paid by the end of January at the latest, payment over and above this date will be at the discretion of the Clubs Treasurer, this will allow any prospective members who are waiting to join the club the ability to join two months earlier than before should any existing members fail to rejoin.


Owing to an Incident at the lake  No high speed racing type boats are allowed on the lake at all.

Club AGM

The A.G.M is an important meeting for all members and the following advice is offered to members on procedure.
Members wishing to stand for any of the committee positions can by submitting a written proposal, formally signed and seconded by the proposer and seconder and to ensure your proposal is in the hands of the Club Secretary at least 6 weeks before the A.G.M date or at the very latest by the end of October,
no nominations will be accepted after this date. Proposers must also be in attendance at the A.G.M, there are seven positions available, Chairman/Treasurer/Secretary/Vice Chairman/Assistant Treasurer, and two committee positions. Committee Members
 Motions may be submitted by members, formally proposed and seconded and must be in the hands of the Secretary no later than the 31st October . Motions may be used by members to raise matters that you
think will benefit the club and its future policies and for the smooth running and well-being of the said club.


Members who are holding club competition trophies are requested to return them to the treasurer  no later than the  A.G.M Night
The Committee would like to thank all members for their support of the club and the help that many of you have given over the last year.