Sunday January 14th  2024 Club Subs Day  At the Car Park in the Park

  AGM and General Meeting 

Competitions 2024 provisional
Sunday 7th April Sailing Competition 2 Races for 2 Classes 
Sunday 21st April Time Trial   1
Sunday 12th May Tanker steering 
Sunday 26th May Mike Smith Trophy 
Sunday 9th June Time trial 2
Sunday 23rd June Two Barge Towing
Sunday 30th June Sailing Competition 2 Races for 2 Classes 
Sunday 4th Augt Hit everything /springers day
Sunday 11th Aug Navy Day
 Sunday 15th sept Members Day + bring-buy  

Please Note 

  Any competition rained off will be rearranged after 15th Sept time permitting

 Other Competitions T.B.A.

July   14th 2024            Orsett Vintage car show 
July  27/28 2024          Shuttleworth show
Aug 31-1 sept 2024 
   Southern Model Show  at Headcorn  airdrome


June  TBA       Brentwood Model Boat Club Open Day
July 20th/21st  Chantry Open Day
Chantry Club  Bluewater       
Oct  13th           SMPBC ‘Festival of Model Boating’
Scale  (10:30am) 

All dates & Venues are subject to change please check with the Club Secretary
Any member interested in attending external shows please let Us know.
If you attend any shows please try to wear Club Regalia of some description. 

If attending external shows not with the club please obtain a
copy of the club insurance from Les at least 6 weeks before.

Other Exhibitions and Shows

18/19 may 2024          Shuttleworth show 
25/26 may 2024          Mayhem at wickstead
28/29sept 2024 
         St Albans Model Show

To All Members ( Competitions )
Please try to enter competitions as these are put on for the benefit of all members 
for this year we are hoping to make them more interesting and enjoyable, there will be
no reruns for a tie all individuals will be timed this will eradicate reruns 

Please Note : 
Any Money that is to be paid to the Club for ANY REASON must be paid to the
Clubs Treasurer, on no account will any Club Official accept Money from members
or anybody else, any queries regarding subscriptions etc the above also applies.

Club Secretary